Response to the film. Check out a few of several comments to the trailer/film below.

We received such a warm reception to our latest trailer. You have no idea how much it means to us. A lot of you have asked where to view the film. Please stay tuned and make sure to follow us on Facebook + Connect by sharing your email for the latest updates.  Please help us spread the word about BlacKorea to all your friends and family. We're passionate about sharing this TRUE story - one shared by thousands of Americans. It's time this story gets told. We're excited to have you joining us on this journey. Thank you once again.

  • Last Monday night (March 5th), I had to honor of viewing a 25-minute film that made me laugh, made me cry, made me hope, made me wonder...made me question my logic...evoking both curiosity and empathy. The acting was superb, the characters were well-developed, the script told a rare story of an adverse childhood experience and the director slowly unleashed details upon the audience that were unpredictable, leaving us on the edge of our seats. Many audience members commented on their own suppressed or buried childhood memories and shared how they were now ready to walk towards their journey of healing! Looking forward to the steps of bravery and victory as the main character now represents great purpose and power currently in the entertainment industry. It takes courage to reach into the depths of your soul and reveal your own struggles and pain in order to empower others. #BlackKorea, written by Patti K. Gill and directed by Christine Swanson, starring the talented Erica Watson and Jossie Thacker Harris creates the atmosphere for those "tough to discuss" conversations about childhood trauma.

    Sabrina A.
  • Can't wait to watch it. I can say it's the white and Korean experience too in my case.. I'm so glad you made this movie. You make feel proud to be half Korean.. I wish you nothing but the best God bless.

    John F.
  • I don't know who's brain child this film is or the group, but from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU!!!

    Juanita T.
  • The blasian experience is so rich with heritage, struggle, and passion! The love I have for my Filipino and black culture is like no other. Thank you for telling this story!

    Allie L.
  • Omg I can't wait until it's released but why can't I get through a few seconds without tearing up. Goodness. So many feels.

    Natasha W.
  • Based on a true story? More like based on a million true stories. The trailer brought tears to my eyes.

    Ruth A.
  • Someone please tell me where and when I can see this film! I've always wanted someone to release a film like this.

    Mercedes B.
  • We see movies and read stories about biracial people who are Black and White. But those are not OUR stories or speak to our existence. It's so different when you are the offspring of two people of color and especially when one is an immigrant with no ties to the US except their children. Thank you! Thank you for this! Hopefully, more of our experiences will gain traction so that the Black and White biracial experience isn't what others judge us by.

    Dianne F.
  • Just had to say bravo... it's about time... I'm overseas contracting so I'll be nowhere close to seeing it when it premiere... but if there are dvds please let me know... I'll be your first customer...I know as a 42 yrs old Korean/Black woman this truly brings me joy to see... my outlet was poetry... but to bring it all to life on film... that my love is God's blessing.

    Gina H.